Overseas Programs

IPI Overseas Programs

Chair: David Scharff

IPI has always been international in its reach, offering object relations training to psychoanalysts and psychotherapists from around the globe at both in-person conferences in Washington, D.C., and through online videoconferences. In response to invitations from IPI alumni from countries including Panama, Mexico, Israel, South Africa, Greece, Russia, and China, IPI developed object relations courses to be presented outside of the U.S. that are taught in English and translated into the local language.

Le Zhen, a Core program graduate, established Jiandanxinli, a therapist referral and educational platform for psychotherapists in China. At the request of Le Zhen and in response to growing interest in psychoanalytic psychotherapy in China, IPI collaborated with Jiandanxinli to provide a distance learning program for psychotherapists across China. In 2019, the two-year lecture, reading, and consultation curriculum was launched that gives Chinese students a broad and deep foundation in psychoanalytic object relations theory, technique, and practice. The program was created by Pat Hedegard, LMHC, the first Chair of the IPI-China Individual Adult Psychotherapy Program, in collaboration with David Scharff MD, Chair of Overseas Programs. Kelly Seim, LCSW succeeded Pat as Chair for the second offering of the course which begins in September 2021.

China Introductory Course in Adult Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy.
Chair: Kelly Seim.

China Psychoanalytic Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy.
Chair: Jill Savege Scharff.

This is a two-year certificate program that will begin on June 23, 2020 with a 5-day online immersion course, and continue online in a weekly 3-hour seminar. The online seminar comprises a reading seminar for the class as a whole followed by small groups in which members will apply theoretical concepts to clinical cases as they discuss ethical clinical technique in working with children and parents. The class is on Thursday from 8:00 – 11:00 pm Beijing time. This program with specific class-by-class learning objectives has been designed to offer CE credit for those Chinese-speaking therapists who work in the United States. Students who complete the two-year course may earn an IPI certificate and CE credit per contact hour. This program is currently accepting applications by Chinese-speaking therapists, until the deadline of May 31, 2020.