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Give A Student A Gift

We often think about selecting just the right gift for friends and family.   At IPI, the gifts we value are learning, connection, and community. Giving these gifts is only possible through your generous support.

This year, IPI implemented a new Clinical Consultation Program, a revised and more accessible Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Program, and a second round of the relatively new Child Psychotherapy and Child Psychoanalysis Program. All three programs plus our Couple Psychotherapy Program, Infant Observation Program, and Master Speaker Series are almost entirely reliant on distance learning technologies. We also continue to value our longer-term program initiatives, such as the Core Program, IIPT, and our IPI Weekends, combining the benefits of in-person gatherings with interspersed distance learning. Through the work and investment of Jason Aronson, our free e-book project makes psychotherapy texts available to underserved populations across the globe. To date, this project has provided nearly 1 million free book downloads in over 30 countries.

Continuing this vibrant learning community depends on our members’ involvement through teaching, discussing ideas, committee work, student participation, group leading, mentoring, and chairing programs and events. These in-kind gifts represent an invaluable donation to IPI’s generativity moving forward.

But like any organization, we have monetary costs-technical equipment, conference venues, honoraria for guest presenters, continuing education fees, a need to overhaul our website, and scholarships for students in need–to name a few. We depend on your monetary donations to keep our budget in the black, helping to meet the educational needs of all our students, including each of us.

So, during this holiday season, when you are considering important gifts, please consider IPI among your gift recipients. Give a gift to a student, including yourself, by donating whatever you can afford—$25, $100, or $1000—to keep learning.

Thank you all for the support you have provided in so many ways during the past year. I look forward to our continued time together as IPI moves forward into 2018. Have a wonderful holiday season.

Warm Regards,
Janine Wanlass, Director
International Psychotherapy Institute




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