Weekend Conferences

IPI's Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Weekend Conferences invite you to experience a deep learning experience with our guest and faculty speakers using IPI's signature Group Affective Model.

2023-2024 Weekend Conference Schedule

details are subject to change

Weekend Conferences and Saturday Morning Lecture Series

2023-2024 Weekend Conferences

All four conferences will be offered as a live-online option via Zoom.

As long as travel is possible, April 2024 will also offer an ONSITE option for those wishing to travel and participate with their colleagues in person.
**Certificate Program Students – most programs will be online for the weekends.  Check with your program chair for specific details about your program.***

The conference will include lectures, case presentations, and large and small group discussions.  Participants will be able to fully engage in discussion using the Zoom videoconference platform, available for free download. 

The daily schedule will include breaks for stretching and for lunch. 

IPI staff will be available to help you install and test your Zoom connection prior to the conference, and in case of difficulties during the conference.

All of IPI’s weekend conferences require live attendance.  No recordings will be provided.

Weekend Conferences General Information

Conferences typically begin around 9:45 a.m. on Friday and end at 2:00 p.m. on Sunday. Conferences feature didactic and clinical presentations and daily large and small affective group meetings.

Schedules, reading lists, and educational objectives will be provided. The registration fee for the weekend conferences is $525 ($475 if registration is made three weeks in advance).

Each conference provides approximately 14.5 CE credits.

Saturday Morning Lectures and group discussion

Saturday morning only, attend the morning lecture and group discussion from 9:45am-12:30pm.

The cost for Saturday morning only is $100. Pre-registration is required for all Saturday morning only workshops. Schedules, reading lists, and educational objectives will be provided.  Saturday morning lecture and small group discussion provide 2.5 CE credits.  Registrants must attend both the lecture and small group for CE credit.

Saturday All Day

Attend Saturday morning and afternoon including the plenary, 9:45am-6:20pm (with breaks).

The cost for Saturday all day is $175. Pre-registration is required. Schedules, reading lists, and educational objectives will be provided. Saturday all day provides 6 CE credits. Registrants must attend all Saturday sessions to receive CE credit.

Continuing Education Credit Hours

Three-day conferences provide approximately 14.5 hours CE credit.

Saturday morning lecture and small group discussion provide 2.5 hours CE credit.

Saturday all day provides 6 hours CE credit.


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Tuition and Fees

Weekend Conferences: $525 ($475 21 days in advance)

Discounted registration fees for IPI Members:

Associate $410

Full $359

Saturday morning lecture and discussion: $100

Saturday one day – $175

Limited scholarship funds are available for this training: https://theipi.org/scholarships/

Tentative 2024-2025 Weekend Conferences

Oct 4-6, 2024 – Hybrid

Preconference day Nov 7
Nov 8-10, 2024 – Online

Feb 21-23 2025 – Online

April 25-27, 2025 – Hybrid

Past Psychodynamic Weekend Conferences

See archive of our Recent Past Psychodynamic Weekend Conferences.

Should you have any questions about the program or the application process, please feel free to contact:

IPI Administrative Team - contactus@theipi.org