Become a Member

IPI’s membership program is designed to strengthen the links among IPI colleagues throughout the world. Membership in IPI guarantees numerous benefits and substantial savings to the member and helps to maintain IPI’s high quality of teaching and training. IPI members will join an international network of highly trained clinicians and professionals. The benefits of membership include: distance learning via online classes and study groups, reduced fees and tuition to IPI programs, and access to the PEP disk via PEPWEB, offering online access to all the main analytic journals, Freud’s Standard Edition and much more from any computer.

There are three levels of membership. Full Membership is available to those who are enrolled in or have completed substantial training at IPI or an equivalent institution. Others may choose Associate or Supporting Membership levels to suit their particular needs.*


Membership year begins in May but new members are welcome throughout the year.

The strength of IPI lies in the commitment of its members. Membership fosters IPI’s growth and development as a learning community. We look forward to welcoming you!

*Applications for Full Membership will be reviewed by the faculty since verification of training is required. Application for Associate and Supporting Membership will be granted, upon application, without review.