Slavery Embodied: The Psychological Consequences of its Legacy in Our Culture Today for Children of Color

Kirkland Vaughans, Ph.D. presents on the traumatic object relations of slavery and the intergenerational transmission of trauma among African Americans.

He will also talk with us about how Black and Hispanic male youth are perceived and the ethical imperatives to inform our clinical work with children and adolescents of color.

The three-day conference will include lectures, case presentations, large group discussion, affective small group meetings, and a dinner on Saturday night. Read about Affective Learning and the Small Group at IPI.

Kirkland C. Vaughans, Ph.D. is first editor of the two-volume book, The Psychology of Black Boys and Adolescents, he has published and presented on the intergenerational trauma among African Americans and topics affecting children of color, specifically Black male youth. Dr. Vaughans is senior adjunct professor of psychology at the Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies at Adelphi University and Director of its Postgraduate Program in Child and Adolescent Psychotherapy, clinical supervisor at the National Institute for Psychotherapies, visiting faculty and Honorary Member at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research (IPTAR). A retired school psychologist and former Regional Director of the New Hope Guild Centers of Brooklyn, he is an active member of the Research Council of the New York City Young men’s Initiative and the chairman of the board for The Harlem Family Institute: a Multicultural Psychoanalytic Training Institute.Dr. Vaughans is prominently featured on the documentary Black Psychoanalysts Speak, and has spearheaded several conferences discussing the experiences of psychoanalysts of Color as well as the relevance of psychoanalysis to communities of Color.

Black Psychoanalysts Speak

The Psychology of Black Boys and Adolescents

Presentations by Dr. Vaughans will include:

26 Apr
A Dangerous Failure to Mentalize
27 Apr
Black Children in the Eye of the Storm
28 Apr
Racial Dialogue: Traumas and Opportunities in the Development of Self Identity
An experiential session

Educational Objectives

Participants will be able to:

  1. Discuss three indicators of the intergenerational transmission of the traumatic effects of slavery in our African American patients.
  2. Describe three ways to demonstrate clinical sensitivity to cultural factors in treating children of color.
  3. Describe two characteristics of “traumatic social conditions” and give 3 examples from clinical work.
  4. From an ethical lens, describe how race is ethically a “historical social construction” and provide two ways this might contribute to an inability to mentalize.”
  5. Identify three ways organizations and psychological treatment approaches benefit from ethically culturally responsive practices.
  6. Discuss the power dynamics associated with difference and dominance/oppression and provide two examples of their impact on human functioning and social relations within and across the diverse groups of Black and Hispanic youth.
  7. Discuss two ways countertransference may be utilized to identify implicit racial bias and promote an ethical stance to treatment.

Continuing Education Credit Hours

Full Conference:
Approximately 14 credit hours, including 6.5 ethics hours and 7.5 diversity hours

Saturday morning lecture and small group:
2.5 credit hours covering diversity


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