IPI Faculty

IPI’s multidisciplinary faculty offers a broad range of experience and expertise. Faculty members are located in fourteen cities nationwide and in Panama City, Panama. They facilitate IPI’s many training programs (in Washington DC, Panama City, Indianapolis, and Salt Lake City UT), as well as local programs in their own cities. In addition, IPI faculty in Salt Lake City and Panama offer local courses that are often cosponsored by national IPI. Click on the cities below for information about offerings near you. Click on the individual faculty members for their bios.

IPI Affiliated Programs
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Indianapolis, IN
Sue Cebulko, Ph.D.
Pat Hedegard, MA, LMHC, Chair
Carla Trusty-Smith, PhD, LMHC, LCAC

Metro Washington D.C.
Sheila Hill, M.S.W.
Bonnie Eisenberg, Ph.D.
Michael Kaufman, MA, LPC, Chair
Patrizia Pallaro, LCMFT, BC-DMT
Jane Prelinger, M.S.W.
Judith Rovner, M.S.W.
Robert Rovner, Ph.D.
Karen Sherwood, M.S.W. Co-Chair
David Scharff, M.D.
Jill Savege Scharff, M.D.
Caroline M. Sehon, M.D.
Michael Stadter, Ph.D.

Panama City, Panama (in Spanish)
Marianela Altamirano, Ph.D.
Betty Benaim, M.A., Ph.D.
Anabella Brostella, Ph.D.
Marien Chamorro, Psychologist
Monica Valencia de Castro, Ph.D., Chair IPI Panama
Vali Maduro, Ph.D.
Lea Setton, Ph.D.
Yolanda de Varela, Ph.D.

Philadelphia, PA
Charles Ashbach, Ph.D.
Karen Fraley, M.S.S.
Paul Koehler, M.S.W.

Salt Lake City, UT
James Poulton, Ph.D., Cochair
Colleen Sandor, Ph.D., Cochair
Paula Swaner, Ph.D., Emeritus
Janine Wanlass, Ph.D.

Local Programs

IPI faculty members independently offering seminars, study groups, conferences and supervision:

Burlington, VT Sharon Dennett, M.S.W.
  Douglas Dennett, M.D.
Cazenovia, NY Lynn Stormon, Ph.D.
Charlottesville, VA/Washington DC Michael Kaufman, M.A., LPC
Denver, CO Nancy Bakalar, M.D.
Kalamazoo, Michigan Christine Hill-Melton, Ed.D.
Long Island, NY Carl Bagnini, C.S.W., B.C.D.
  David Scharff, M.D.
Manhattan, NY David Scharff, M.D.
New Orleans, LA Walton Ehrhardt, Ed.D.
Lincoln, NE Karen Sharer-Mohatt, Psy.D.
Pittsburgh, PA Mary Jo Pisano, Ph.D.
Richmond, VA Norma Caruso, Psy.D.
Tampa/Sarasota, FL Stanley Tsigounis, Ph.D.
  Hilary Hall, M.A.
Waterbury, VT Michele M. Reed, M.S.W.