Colleague Assistance Committee (CAC)

The Colleague Assistance Committee (CAC) is a standing IPI committee that serves IPI members as a consultative and/or problem solving resource. Its function is not to investigate or adjudicate a concern or complaint – this would be one of the functions of the IPI Ethics Committee. Rather, the CAC provides private consultation to the IPI member in the interests of advising, resolving, or improving the situation, and in a manner that is preventative and/or responsive to a concern. Possible concerns could include insensitive or inappropriate behavior, bias, professional impairment, and interpersonal conflict, as well as others. The CAC is also one of 3 ways to raise an ethical concern (See “Policies and Procedures for Addressing Concerns of Unethical Conduct”). Moreover, although not its primary focus, the CAC may proactively bring to IPI’s attention general issues and concerns affecting the wellbeing and functioning of the Institute.



The Chair of the CAC is Michael Stadter. Please contact him or any of the other committee members at the links below:


Michael Stadter,

Monica Valencia de Castro

Douglas Dennett

Michelle Kwintner

Colleen Sandor

Christopher Thomas

Carla Trusty-Smith