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Dear IPI Students, Faculty, Board Members, and Friends:

This has been a very challenging year for IPI. We began with new enthusiasm for lively existing programs, a progression of our strategic plan initiatives, a group of new recruits for our Core and IIPT training programs, and a renewed commitment toward improving marketing and institutional communication. Just months later, we faced an unexpected and agonizingly difficult loss of our prior Director, Geoff Anderson, which we are still grieving and trying to understand. We have found the strength to continue, carrying forward some of the very initiatives Geoff pioneered.


In order to build on our current success, we still need your help. 

A strong gift-giving effort by our supporters each year moves us closer to this goal of a secure base for the institute. 

Please help us continue to move forward and to build relationships with new members of the IPI family yet to come.    

All institutions require resources to thrive and grow. IPI's main resources are our "people power," the investment of time, energy, expertise, learning, and thoughtful reflection from all of you. But like any educational institution, we have additional costs for meeting rooms, staff, supplies, our website, internet connections, etc. I am writing you now to request that you consider IPI in your year-end giving with a monetary donation. These donations are necessary to sustain the community learning environment we all value.

If you are a clinician, we ask you to consider gifting us one session fee to help us meet these goals

As the year comes to an end, I certainly appreciate how much many of you have already given to IPI. I consider IPI my professional "home," and I hope it holds the same importance for many of you--a place that promotes intellectual engagement, meaningful friendships, intra and interpersonal reflection, and a valuing of our commitment to patients and our work.

Best wishes this holiday season!


 janine signatureJanine Wanlass, PhD

Director, International Psychotherapy Institute

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