If the making of art is a form of play, Art Therapy is a defined category of therapy that accesses our human need for creative expression. The Art Therapist may be thought of as a skilled guide who facilitates art play in a safe environment for both children and adults. Like the experience of word therapy, Art Therapy is another form of communication facilitated by the Art Therapist. While carefully facilitating art expression, the Art Therapist may make verbal observations, addressing both the process of art making as well as judicious s expression of feeling states. One goal of Art Therapy is to enable the patient to name the feelings expressed in images. Together the Art Therapist and patient can explore thoughts and feelings expressed, and the relevance to good psychological growth.

In my own life as an Art Psychotherapist and artist, the proximity to the making of art during my long career working in both psychiatric hospitals and community mental health programs, has kept me close to my own creative expression. I have supervised art therapists for over 23 years.  Three years ago, through examination, I qualified for the new designation of Art Therapy Certified Supervisor as mandated by the Art Therapy Certification Board.  I have written papers and have published work under the auspices of The International Psychotherapy Institute (www.theipi.org), my contribution to Clinical Supervision, edited by Jill S. Scharff, MD and David Scharff, MD.

My credentials include: Bachelor of Science (Magna cum Laude), from City University of New York, Master of Arts (Art Therapy) from New York University. International Institute of Psychotherapy, completion of Core Certificate, as well as Fellow’s Certificate. I have been working in public mental health since 1992, both in-patient and community.  In 2006, I began my private practice where I have continued my psychoanalytic and supervisory capacity.  In 2012, I earned the designation of Art Therapy Certified Supervisor.  I have taught at various institutions, including Caldwell College and the New Jersey Institute for Psychoanalysis.