Jill Scharff, M.D.

Chevy Chase, MD


I am a physician-psychoanalyst for adults and children.  I do psychoanalysis and psychotherapy with individuals, families and children in Chevy Chase Maryland, and also work in exceptional circumstances with those at a distance, using online using secure videoconference.  I supervise individual, couple, child, and family therapists on an elective basis and adult and child analytic candidates who are enrolled in an IPI/IIPT certificate program.  I enjoy lifelong learning at IPI, teaching, writing, and editing to help others find their voice.

Co-founder and Board member emeritus, the International Psychotherapy Institute (IPI); founding Chair, and supervising analyst, the International Institute for Psychoanalytic training (IIPT) at IPI; founding (and current) Chair, Combined Program in Child Analytic and Child Psychotherapy Training (IPI); Clinical Professor of Psychiatry, Georgetown University, and Teaching Analyst, Washington Psychoanalytic Institute; Former Chair, Object Relations Theory and Therapy Program, Washington School of Psychiatry (1993-1994).  Dr. Jill Scharff is in private practice in psychoanalysis with adults and children and couple and family psychotherapy in Chevy Chase, MD and offers distance analysis using secure videoconference or landline telephone.  She offers consultation and supervision to mental health professionals in person and on secure videoconference and groups for psychotherapy supervisors who wish to study the competencies of supervision. 

"The next generation of IPI-Panama faculty with David and Jill Scharff May 2017"

Jill Scharff is the author of Projective and Introjective Identification and the Use of the Therapist's Self (1992), and senior author with David E. Scharff on Tuning the Therapeutic Instrument: Affective Learning of Psychotherapy (2000), Object Relations Individual Therapy (1998), Object Relations Therapy of Physical and Sexual Trauma (1996), and A Primer of Object Relations Therapy (1992), and The Primer of Object Relations Revised Edition (2005). She edited The Autonomous Self: The Work of John D. Sutherland (1994),  Foundations of Object Relations Family Therapy (1992) and The Psychodynamic Image: John D. Sutherland on Self and Societ(2007) and Clinical Supervision of Psychotherapy (Karnac 2012) and available for free download at www.freepsychotherapybooks.org. With David Scharff, she co-edited New Paradigms in Treating Relationships (2006) and with Stan Tsigounis Self Hatred in Psychoanalysis (2003).  She co-authored The Interpersonal Unconscious (2011) and Doctor in the House Seat:  Psychoanalysis at the Theatre (2012) with David Scharff. She is series editor of the Library of Technology and Mental Health at Karnac, which includes her edited books Psychoanalysis Online: Mental Health, Therapies and Training (2013) and Psychoanalysis Online 2 (2015) both featuring chapters by many IPI contributors, and is currently acepting chapters for Psychoanalysis Online 3. She is co-editor of www.freepsychotherapybooks.org.


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Above: IPI and Argentine presenters at IPA COngress panel on teleanalysis
Below: Teaching in Shanghai

teaching in Shanghai

teaching in Shanghai